Make the most of your hour.┬áCore+more fitness classes are perfect for new moms looking to lose baby weight, those who need a little extra motivation to do their weight training, or people who just don’t want to have to join a gym to take a great class. Designed to make you strong and lean from the core on out, each class includes circuit training for strength and balance, and plenty of core work to ensure your muscle tone starts on the inside. Classes are in a small-group setting, and all activity levels are welcome. It’s like personal training in a group! Sign up online.

Classes are held at the following times:

Monday 7pm – 8pm
Tuesday 7pm – 8pm
Wednesday 12pm – 1pm
Thursday 7pm – 8pm
Friday 12pm – 1pm
┬áSaturday 8:30am – 9:30am
9:40am – 10:30am*
*For Beginners Only!

Class Pricing:

Core+More 5-class pass $75
Core+More 10-class pass $145
Core+More 20-class pass $250
Core+More drop-in class
(subject to space availability, 
please contact me first)

Core+More Classes

Are you interested in taking classes but have a time in mind that would better suit your schedule?
Send me a note with your dream time. I add classes based on demand!


Gift Certificates are available for both classes and personal training. Contact me to purchase.

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