Danielle M. from Decatur, Georgia

“How do I love Karen and her Pilates/Weights classes? Let me count the ways. 1) She takes a personal interest in your fitness goals and physical restrictions. Not only can she recommend multiple exercises for every target area, she also knows those that should be avoided if you are struggling with a particular injury. 2) She is positive, encouraging, and inspiring but in no way is she one of those over the top fitness freaks that makes you want to run screaming back to your couch potato ways. She is real people. And she seems to attract real people as clients—which makes her group classes that much more enjoyable. 3) Her classes are conveniently located, small in size and she offers a wide variety of morning and evening options. 4) Class structure has enough variety to keep you challenged / interested but enough repetition to make it is easy to see your progress (strength, flexibility and stamina) over time. I have been taking Karen’s classes for over 18 months and am so glad to have found her and her home-based studio.”

Lisa D. from Decatur, Georgia

“I would highly recommend the Core+More classes. I have never been someone who did a lot of exercise other than cardio, and I wasn’t even sure I would be able to do these classes. But Karen is an awesome teacher who takes the time to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. She is very motivating and pushes you to achieve your personal best. It is much more personal than a gym. There is more accountability, and many days when I didn’t feel like going, I went because I knew I would be missed. I’ve never regretted it once I got there! She even sent us workouts to keep us in shape while she was out on maternity leave! The workouts change weekly, so you don’t feel like you are doing the same thing every time, and she incorporates new exercises and moves to help us reach our goals. I can tell she puts a lot of thought and planning into the workouts. There is a large emphasis on strengthening your core and Pilates in the workout as well. I know this has helped strengthen my back and stomach, and helped with my posture. I can do pushups now on my toes, which is something I would have never imagined I would be able to do! I love that it is a small group of women who face the same challenges and have the same issues that I do. I’m proud of myself for creating a leaner, stronger me, but I don’t think I would have ever gotten this far without Karen!”

Jen K. from Decatur, Georgia

“Just wanted to share how much I’ve enjoyed Karen’s classes. Last November, I signed up for the Monday night class…I’ve been hooked ever since. There is something about signing up for a set class time with only a few people that keeps you motivated. Karen is a great teacher and really wants those in her class to get the most out of their workouts. Each week, I look forward to the class and try to pick up extra days whenever possible. I am always finding different exercises that I can easily do on my own and it has pushed me to find other ways to get in better shape. Along with exercise, we get to share lots of good stories about pregnancy, kids, entertainment, work, in-town living, etc. Great space, convenient to most in-town neighborhoods. You can always try one class if you want to see for yourself.”

Jeanee L. from Decatur, Georgia

“Karen has been kicking my tush for three years. She’s exactly what I need in a private trainer — equal parts drill sergeant and cheerleader. She pushes me hard, but I always leave laughing and inspired.”

Demia W. from Atlanta, Georgia

“I’ve been taking Karen’s classes for about a year and she’s fantastic! I can usually motivate myself to do some yoga and elliptical on my own, but with Karen I get all the strength training stuff I would never do on my own. Plus the consistency of core/pilates work is great for my lower back. Thanks to Karen, I can confidently do at least 12 push ups, a minute plank, and kick on a kick boxing bag! How fun! Her garage studio is beautiful, and there’s always great company and conversation in the classes.”

Tamara L. from Decatur, Georgia

“After struggling with those last 10 pounds after my son was born, I saw Karen’s post on a Yahoo parenting group. I’ve never been able to stick to an exercise regimen for more than a couple months, but here I am going on two years with Karen! Her workouts are diverse, motivating, engaging and more than often very, very tough!! You can easily adjust to your individual needs and she is great about making everyone in the (very small) class feel as if they are really doing a good job. And as one reviewer as already mentioned, it’s not only a good physical workout, but often a pretty good group therapy session as well! Karen often changes and adapts class times to her student’s needs and is very fair about allowing make-up classes if you miss a class. But, beware, you will feel a little guilty if you do miss a class!! Which is exactly what people like me need to get our rears in gear!!”

Susan C. from Decatur, Georgia

“I love Karen’s small class size and personal attention. Combining the circuit training plus pilates makes for a really great, balanced workout. She also keeps things interesting by changing things up almost every class to keep you motivated and having fun. It’s my favorite workout class that I’ve ever taken and I’ve been recommending it to all my friends.”

Cindy S. from Decatur, Georgia

“I have taken a LOT of aerobics classes, but I can’t get enough of this one! Karen’s class feels like part workout part therapy. I hesitated to sign-up because it is out of her home studio and I didn’t know what kind of company to expect. As it turns out, she has a beautiful studio gym and I have met a lot of other moms and a few singles. Everyone is very warm and supportive. Karen varies her workouts to keep things interesting and offers some fun facts about how you are helping your body. Join in, you’ll love it!!”

Renee J. from Houston, Texas

“If you are in the ATL and want a trainer, seriously, try Karen out. I think she’s an excellent trainer. One of the best people I’ve worked out with and her workouts are addicting. She has a small home studio. Karen is serious about her workouts. Unfortunately, we moved away and I can no longer work out with her.”

Cindy P. from Atlanta, Georgia

“Karen’s workout classes are intimate and fun, but good, hard work. They really have helped me get in shape again and have inspired me to do even more on my own. And, they’re not at all intimidating—beats the gym any day for me.”

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