Strong heart. Strong body. Strong core.


Listen to your body.

It’s remarkable how it will tell you what it needs. Since you’re reading this, you have made a very important decision that could change your life. Beginning an exercise program—or embarking on a new, more challenging one—is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself—and the people who care about you. So of course this site is about me and what I do, but it is also very much about YOU and what you do…and how I can help you do it better.

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Karen is a great teacher and really wants those in her class to get the most out of their workouts...
I can do pushups now on my toes, which is something I would have never imagined I would be able to do!
Combining the circuit training plus pilates makes for a really great, balanced workout.
She's EXCELLENT and the best trainer I've ever had.
She tailors my workouts to my needs and they are no joke.

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